As a gifted music teacher, Jeana Holdstock embodies that rare, substantial fragrance and soul that music eagerly demands. Year after year she kindles those burning embers within others to learn and grow in their music love affair. Through skillful instruction, patience, and a willingness to meet her students where they are without ambiguity or hidden agenda, she gently draws and coaxes the treasures of music within them to find their expression and voice for the world to enjoy.

In today’s world of ever advancing technology not only is music more readily available for our listening enjoyment but also from an instructional perspective the market is saturated with music teaching tools and instructional videos all designed to share the rich language of music. With such accessibility and variety, the question that begs to be asked is, “Are music teachers/coaches still a valuable, integral catalyst in the promotion, education and execution of music?” One could easily pontificate on this vast and philosophical question all day long and brazenly come to an answer of sorts. When you become a student of Jeana Holdstock, you will quickly realize that the true enjoyment of music’s journey isn't found merely in the content and variety of instructional tools but rather in her ability to articulate the language of music using methodologies, humor and life’s experiences in a way that creates the atmosphere for unbiased musical expression and learning which instantly puts her students at ease allowing for a coaching expression that eludes so many. 


Voice Instructor / Coach

Piano Teacher

Piano instruction is offered to students from age 5 to 95. In our interview Miss Jeana fondly states, "Over the years I have learned to find what motivates and challenges my students so that their endeavors at learning the language of music and at learning the art of playing the piano are met with success. I utilize a variety of mainstream curricula such as Bastien, Alfreds, or Faber to lay the framework on which to build. I love teaching the piano because it requires the discipline as a teacher to be systematic as well as affords me the room to bring creative supplements where needed."