Jeana and I have been music instructors for over 20 years. We have taught in music stores, and in students’ homes as well as out of our own home based music studio.  For the last 15 years our preference has always gravitated towards instructing out of our home based music studio because of the flexibility it affords us in being able to control the learning atmosphere that the students find themselves in when having their lessons. In our exciting journey from South Africa to California, then onto Virginia and now to stunning North Carolina we have always found the initial inroad into any community to be an interesting one. Previous marketing strategies we utilized, while for the most part hugely successful, aren’t necessarily valid and useable in creating community awareness of our music services. 

With that being said two things hold true regardless of where we end up settling. Firstly, music captures attention and captivates hearts providing us the privilege and opportunity to give what we have learnt and experienced through its profundity to others. Secondly, as the years of teaching have passed we realize that we aren't just teaching, coaching, encouraging without rich reward. Ours is that we continue to meet precious people and make lasting friendships.  

If you are interested in knowing more about our teaching policies, methodologies etc. and would like to see if the services we offer are possibly a right fit for your specific needs please don't hesitate to contact us. The interview process usually doesn’t run longer than 30-45 minutes. There are no financial costs involved for the interview time and no obligations implied or expressed. We work hard at diffusing any intentional and/or unintentional pressure that comes in that “meet and greet” time and really look to create the best opportunity and atmosphere that we can without moving away from just being ourselves. Our hope is that we give the prospective student the best possible chance to assess the “whole picture” as it were. It really is quite a feat to make an informed decision is such a short space of time. We have had families leave the interview time without making any decisions at that moment because they want to think and talk it through. Then they would come back to us at a later time with more questions and/or with an answer. This is absolutely fine. I want to reiterate how important it is to us that if for whatever reason/s you are not seeing us and what we offer as being a good “fit” that you can walk away from the interview time without any bad feelings. If we don't feel like it would be a good “fit” from our side as teachers we would be honest enough to say so. Again, our conviction is that not only are we cultivating the musical awareness and giftedness within others and in the process building a great, worthwhile business by providing excellent services to the community but ultimately we are forging and cultivating long term friendships that are extremely precious to our family.